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The Truth

About OpenTank: Facts and Fiction

OpenTank exists purely -- or impurely, depending upon your point of view -- from the mind and of the handiwork of one Robert Walikis, unless otherwise attributed....

Someplace between art and avocation, in a secret locale with beach access between San Francisco, San Jose and where you'd find me - I'd tell you, but then, I'd have to...well, you know....

I look to offer a regular dose of new work and commentary content on a more standard interval, averaging somewhere from a week to a month in-between sightings. I am hooked on the desire to express and to perform, albeit in fits and starts -- don't hold it against me and we'll get along just fine....

Rob has written poetry for himself and song lyrics and music for a few band projects since the late 80's; look for a band tribute site commemorating Hiplock -- the early 90's alternative rock fav of Ithaca, NY, Burlington, VT and Hoboken, NJ -- at some future date. FairSource is one of the day jobs....

Jan Pavel, editor and primary alter-ego, now moonlights as a funnel cake concessionaire at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and kelp harvester when he's not sipping mocha frappacinos and reading Proust outside of local organically-certified coffee brewing establishments, dreaming of the next Poetry Santa Cruz Poetry Slam....

Through the grace of TCP/IP, a cut-rate web host, a lot of web books/ sites and Textbased's Minimalist Web Project, I am learning web design/ development and site management all by my lonesome - don't look for Flash from me anytime soon...then, again....

Y? Because we like you...(...M-O-U-S-E....)

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